Diggy Simmons Goes Above and Beyond With New Music Releases


If by any chance you haven’t seen Diggy Simmons new video “Honestly”, or listened his track “Fall” after reading this you’ll have every reason to. A few days prior, directed by Mr. Simmons himself “Honestly” was released. “Honestly” might be described as a smooth track, with rap lyrics and a mixture of singing. The visuals of the video beautiful; fitting the lyrics of the song perfectly. “Honestly” shows how Diggy can make a great song. It also displays maturity and versatility. Some Lyrics from “Honestly”:

Don’t need all your time

Just the times that I need it

Do you a favor, do me now we even

Your girlfriends be sayin’ I’m doin’ it wrong

But they come to see me perform

Wait fo’ it, so addicted to your love

Know you feel the same

You left traces of your love on the pillow case

Don’t be goin’ thru my phone

You respect the game

Tryin’ to live a life without you

Girl I swear it’s lame

This video will surely melt the hearts of the some ladies. Following the visuals from “Honestly”, Diggy released a new track via Sound cloud titled “Fall”. Lyrics from “Fall” include:

Touch me only edge, we should fall, fall, fall

No stopping us we should fall

Baby we should fall, fall

Fall in love forever and we never pick up when they call

We don’t got time to get involve

Too busy running this world like we should win

And God only knows our destiny

Diggy Simmons is best known as the legendary Reverend Runs son from DMC. Earlier years, Diggy has appeared on the show Run’s House. Diggy gained a lot of attention, when he released a freestyle video to “Made you look” four years ago. The freestyle captured a lot of people’s attention. His ill word play, creativeness he took upon the record, gained him more recognition and new fans. Diggys latest tracks “Honestly” and “Fall” reveals how his music is diverse, artistry, and how his levels of creativity is soaring. His records will hit you in the guts with a lot of oohs-and ahhs!

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