Why Every Female Should Respect Hazel-E From Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

hezell E

If you’re a fan of reality shows there’s a huge chance you know who Hazel-E is. Hazel-E (real name Erica Adams) is one of the breaking stars from the latest new show Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Rather you know Hazel-E from Love and Hip hop Hollywood, or from her days as a celebrity publicist, there’s a HUGE chance you still don’t know anything about her. Why you should respect Hazel-E? With all of the backlash and misconceptions that reality shows receive, it’s wise to take a minute and look at the crucial points that maybe negative. Easily, negative stigmas can be turned into positive. Yes – we’ve seen it. Most of us, have seen the drama on the show. We have witnessed how Hazel-E is portrayed on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, especially when it comes to the relationship she had with Young Berg. Nevertheless, here is why every female should respect Hazel-E:

Hazel-E is educated

Hazel-E is an educated woman. With no doubt, attending a university is an amazing thing to do in the world. Most of the time higher education is essential for growth. In addition, it gives people more opportunities in life. Hazel- E attended Texas State University. Texas State University is a public university that offers over a hundred of degrees programs. Texas State University focuses on research, diversity, and has excellent academics and mission for students. How can you not respect an educated woman?

Hazel-E was a celebrity publicist

Before Love & Hip Hollywood, Hazel- E wasn’t just sitting around the house dreaming. Hazel-E was a celebrity publicist, and she worked with many different artists. Hard work and dedication made her name in the entertainment industry as a publicist. Being a publicist is a great career. However, it is demanding, and you have put in hard work. Every female should respect another hard working woman.

Every female has been through or will experience what Hazel-E has been through with Young Berg

What! Before you choke- or claim you have never experienced what Hazel-E has been through. Look at the facts. Every female will experience a type of relationship, which her friends and family may not completely understand. A relationship that people might be looking from the outside might appear to be “delusional” or “dumb” for hanging in there. Every female will experience a relationship and/or situations that will occur, that people will never truly understand the chemistry, why the relationship is active, and the aftermath. The truth is no matter who you are, everyone loves or has love for somebody. However, everyone is different. Everyone has been hurt, or will be hurt in some form in life. All females should respect Hazel-E because she got through her experience. Although, you never know how one might still feel deep inside their heart.

Masika Tucker and Teairra Marie violated Girl Code

Even if you can come up with a long list of reasons why you’re not in favor of Hazel-E from the show, this will probably make you change your mind. Hazel-E’s longtime friend singer Teairra Mari along with newly friend Masika Tucker broke girl code on the show Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Hazel-E talked and confined in both women, about her relationship with Young Berg. Down the line things heated up. Masika started dating the rapper Young Berg. It came out that Teairra Mari gave oral sex to Young Berg. Although Teairra denied allegations, these actions were pretty deep, coming from these two women who were thought to be Hazel-E’s friends. Every female should respect Hazel-E, because most have been through similar situations.

With a glance, we are so quick to judge.

Some still blinded- with the apparent visible.


6 thoughts on “Why Every Female Should Respect Hazel-E From Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

  1. Nice article. Its so crazy how the media always promote negative things about a person but rarely positive things. I would of never known that she went to school and had a nice career and had a lot of positive things going for herself.Not that its any of my business but I’m happy for her. I love so seeing our black women doing great things.

  2. While I am not a fan of the show, you’ve given me a reason to tune in the next season. I’ve never heard of this woman before, you gave good information on her and it’s evident that you’ve done your research! Very interesting read, I especially love the closure!

  3. I’m down for hazel and when I watched the show I remember how Tierra and masika (both thirst heauxs ) went after hazel man!! Hazel should have beat them both off the strength she thought they were actually FRIENDS! Smh!

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