Diggy Simmons Releases New Video “Fall” That Will Fall Right Into Your Heart!

diggy simmonsDiggy Simmons released a new music video “Fall” on Valentine’s day and it certainly grabbed the attention of his fans and created new ones. The music video and song “Fall” has a happy and positive vibe to it! The music video motion is slowed down a bit, while Diggy Simmons takes a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge during nighttime. The compelling sound of “Fall” along with video graphics will be music to your ears and a sight to see. The beat will make you nod your head and tap your feet! Diggy Simmons latest music releases have the upmost interesting and mature sounds/lyrics.

The music video “Fall” makes sure that you capture every essence of the song while you enjoy the video. Some of the lyrics of the song include:

 Who said enough was ever enough?

When we let em make the rules for us?

And you know that I like the sun

So put it in drive cuz we are on the run

 So let’s break all the rules

I want you to hold me down like you love it

Kissing and touching all in public

It’s like a scene from a movie, yeah

And we ain’t worry ‘bout nothing

We so hot, think I’m buzzing now

 Touch me only edge, we should fall, fall, fall

No stopping us we should fall

Baby we should fall, fall

Fall in love or whatever and we never pick up when they call

We don’t got time to get involved

Too busy running this world like we should win

And God only knows our destiny

The song and video might put any one in the thought or mood of falling in love or being or love. Even if it’s not that, “Fall” has a melody so strong you probably won’t be able to get the video or song out your head after watching. No doubt, the lyrics and visuals for the song were made great! Keep it coming Diggy! You can check out the video below:

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