It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than BankrollFresh


Bankroll Fresh is a rapper from Atlanta with so much buzz that your ears might start popping soon as you hear his name! With his flow, delivery, and trap content he has captured the attention of different people across the world. In most of his songs Bankroll Fresh raps/ tell stories about his life, growing up, perception on life, the trap etc.. in a creative way. His recent mixtape “Life Of A Hotboy 2: Real Trapper” will have you hooked on his music. If you are familiar with Bankroll Fresh you might know of some of his popular songs people have embraced such as “Hotboy” and “Trap”. It is a fact that Bankroll Fresh has a special talent and is going far! Some lyrics from Bankroll Fresh’s popular song “Hotboy” include:

Balling real hard–real, real, real hard
Don’t even like the fact, know I’m playing with a set
Had the motherfucker offset white–
Then I had to paint the motherfucker black
How you love that?

You can download Bankroll Fresh’s new mixtape “Life Of A Hotboy 2: Real Trapper” on

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