The Good Woman And Mr. Inconsistent

men inconsistent

Mr. Inconsistent is everywhere and you’re not safe from him. He could be at church, in the club, maybe he’s using the computer at a local library you go to. If you sat across from Mr. Inconsistent would you know its him? Would you know at any moment he’s liable to lead you on and stray away from every word he said like you made everything up in your head? Mr. Inconsistent always seems like the perfect person to be with and have a future with. Maybe, he’s someone you’ve been talking to or known for a long time. Maybe, he’s who you been in a relationship with or seeing now. It could be that you haven’t come encounter with him yet, and maybe never will. On the other hand, Mr. Inconsistent could be someone that you want to be with, but there’s something that’s not right that you cant put your finger on it! Good women stumble across Mr. Inconsistent alot. The good women whose hearts are filled with pure love. Good women who mentally, financially, and whole hearted ready for a good man. The good woman who has tried her best to make Mr. Inconsistent happy, but  always failed because he really didn’t care. Whoever he is- wherever he’s at- Mr. Inconsistent is out there. When he comes around, chances are he’ll sweep you off your feet. However, until then here’s a few tips to know more about Mr. Inconsistent:

Signs of inconsistently

  • Mr.Inconsistent can go days without calling or texting
  • Mr. Inconsistent never wants to do anything for you and never taken you out on a date
  • Mr. Inconsistent constantly makes up excuses for his inconsistency and personal behavior you feel sorry for him and believe him
  • Mr. Inconsistent inconsistency is obvious but you’re not understanding the reason why he’s is Inconsistent
  • Questioning yourself a lot if someone likes or cares because you know they can or you care about them they just don’t show it as often or how you would like them to
  • You do everything to make Mr. Inconsistent happy or show him you care and he rarely or does nothing for you at all

How you can avoid and what should you do if your guy falls into the category of Mr. Inconsistent

  • Stop making up excuses for him
  • Stop perusing the person and see if he gets his act together and be more consistent in your life
  • Set boundaries and rules with the type of relationship you have or want to have in the future
  • Read a lot of books on relationships one book on men  one great book is Steve Harvey’s “Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man” you will learn a lot about men
  • Realize you make your own self happy and you complete yourself
  • Avoid sexual behaviors when meeting  men sometimes that makes relationships and situations last longer and you’ll discover who the person really is
  • Don’t settle for less life gives you more!

Last but not least, It’s you’re not your fault Mr. Inconsistent hurt you

Often times women find their selves in situations we didn’t see coming. If you’re in a situation with Mr. Inconsistent, you can get out of it. It’s easy to get caught up in a good feeling a person gives when your around them, and holding onto a thought waiting for someone to become who you think they will be, or how you know they can treat you.  Bad things happen to good women. Honestly, a person will treat you how you let them, and how they feel about you. If your holding on and believing words- it’s time for action. If you haven’t run into Mr. Inconsistent your lucky! You have control over who’s in your life or not. Make control… good control!


2 thoughts on “The Good Woman And Mr. Inconsistent

  1. I love what I just ready about Mr Inconsistent. The guy I m actually holding on for almost 2 years, thinking about him , being attracting to him , nice to him, thinking a future with him , just found that word inconsistent define him 100%. Thanks God that in the beginning my heart avoid having sex with him. I canceled having sex with him twice without any reason. Since he never ask me again but keep acting and showing me and acting a way he care about me , staring at me whenever he sees me and that attracts me a lot to him. I asked him if we can go on date, out for a drink , he never accept. But my heart keep beating whenever I see him, he gets jalous to see me talking to another guy! And with that i was thinking he loves me! I just found the reality is that he wants to keep me only for him and made me miserable! , ,guessing that he will change, call or text and make me his girl! Oh my God! I m glad i found the definition for what I m going trough with him! What else can I do! Forcing myself to run away from him. Let me try to see if I can have a courage to run from him. God help me!

    1. Happy Newyear Mary! Im sorry about the delay on the comment, I will be more consistent with my blog now to answer more. Mary you did the right thing by pulling away from him with sex Mary! Mary what is the follow up? Did you cut him off for the Newyear? I would love to know! Please check back in!

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