How Can A Female Expect A Man To Stay Forever If Her Father Is Absent From Her Life?


I have a question for you.

Yes, you!

If a female’s father was/is absent from her life, what makes her think a man will stay and love her forever?

Does it make sense when you think about it? How could you expect a man to stay and love you forever if your father couldn’t be in your life?

  Trick question?

 Have you ever thought about that? How something so small, could be leading to a chain reaction that some people might be missing out on. Notice how females have grown throughout life, without a father. Most have had long lasting, positive relationships with men. However, some will  admit to missing the father foundation they were supposed to have. For many, the reality of not having a father around can be brutal period of time.

“ I don’t think like that. I haven’t had my father in my life. I don’t think it has an effect in your life. Anyway, it goes to show you  how you really want a man to be.”

– Cherrell Sinkfield 26, Minneapolis, MN Target Corp IT Specialist.

“ …My father has always been in my life; I feel like my opinion will be biased in a way. However, lots of women who don’t have active fathers in their life have other male role models. Such as uncles or coaches, who they can base what a good man is…”

– Monique Baugh 24, Minneapolis, MN College Student

 If your father the man that was supposed to teach you how to love and how a man supposed to love you… morals and values of this world, and everything that goes along was not in your life or inconsistent throughout your life…how  can you expect  a boy, guy, a man love you and stay forever?

Most females dream of getting married, having family, and finding never ending love. Some show no compassion or ties to the guys they can have relationship experiences with in their life. Most young women/ women will admit that they don’t know what love is. Some say they don’t know what to expect from love, because they believe its related to their father not being around.

“Find the right one. A father not being in a woman’s life sometimes doesn’t predict how a man is going to treat his woman!”

– Ray Tart 27, Brooklyn Center, MN Mother

“It can predict if a man will stay in a way; it just really depends how a female was raised. I know it affected me with my mom being gone sometimes when I was younger. If you see other people in the world happy and love, you believe in love in your head, and that you can have it to no matter what. It’s kind of like a hope thing. You hope and you think you can have it because other people have it. That’s what make it like that. When my dad was killed it affected me. I didn’t know how to deal with boys and men. I thought by them telling me pretty and stuff like that it could have been love.  I thought by someone telling me they wanted me, and wanted sex with that it could be love, and they’ll stay in your life. But then you’ll realize it’s not love and then I’ll move in my life.”

-Marquita Hodges 27,  Maplewood, MN Mother/ Independent Contractor


According to the 2011 United States Census Bureau, the percentage of children living with their mother without a father present varied widely among race and origin groups in 2009, from 8 percent for Asian children to 50 percent for black children. Seventeen percent of non-Hispanic white children and 26 percent of Hispanic children also lived with their mother only.

What does a father not being present in a female’s life have to do with a guy staying in her life  forever?

If a female’s  father the man who is supposed to be in her life forever was and/or is inconsistent, or didn’t stay around… what makes a female think a man will love her forever that doesn’t have to stay forever? Should she  perceive things differently about men If her father was not active in her  life or inconsistent? Does a father not being a female’s life mean nothing?  Can she grow with a man possible get married, and be with him forever without him leaving her life? Do you know anyone in your life right now like that?

These boys turn into young men— these young men turn into men—before, after, and in between some become fathers—then half of females become fatherless daughters. It’s a cycle.

 Your choice. You Decide.

Maybe you haven’t thought about this. Re-read the question. If a female’s father was absent from  her life what makes her think a man will stay and love her forever? Let it soak in your mind. What conclusions do you come with? Do you think it would be kind of crazy for a woman to think a man would love and stay with her forever even if her father wasn’t in her life? Would girls, young women, and women not be in so much frustration, heartbreak, and pain from relationships if this idea was conceived? Does a female’s father not being in her life really have no effect on her actions, trials, emotions, perception? Can it not correlate to how she receives, and accepts love from men? What do you think?

So what’s your answer….


8 thoughts on “How Can A Female Expect A Man To Stay Forever If Her Father Is Absent From Her Life?

  1. A lot of times I have found myself questioning whether I should date a man because I wonder what my father would think. I must say that a lot of the guys I’ve dated in the back of my mind I know my dad would think I was nuts for dating, and they usually turn out to be the assholes. I’m just glad I have many examples of how a man should treat a woman

  2. My dad, who wasn’t barely around, has a lot of say so nowadays on the men that I am dating. He has a rule to where I cannot introduce him to someone unless we have been together an entire year. My outlook on that is total bullshit! I have been played by guys to where I feel like I don’t ever want to date again, but I don’t blame my father for this happening. If there was anyone to blame it’ll be myself because I should see the signs of a deadbeat in a man based upon what I have been through or even what the man has been through himself. His dad could have been absent in his life and probably seen his single mother run through guys and get treated like crap which lead to him picking up those traits etc. It all depends upon the person and really what they want out of life. I spoke with a gentleman today and he said he had been curving this awesome woman because he has other important things in which he needs to accomplish. He then followed with a comment of “besides nowadays everyone just wants sex even the women.” I agreed with him to say the least and said to him that I need you to stimulate my mind before anything else pops off. He said that he hasn’t heard one chick say that because nobody is thinking about the importance of what it really takes and mean to be in a relationship and find all these misc things to blame it on. If people actually took the time to get to know someone and stimulate the mental spirit and form a connection and not so quick to give up the vickies or not so quick to pull out the jimmy, maybe more relationships would formulate in today’s age. Sex confuses a lot of things and a lot of people and I think it’s better to know yourself and know what you want besides jumping into things and finding something to blame things upon. In conclusion, my father was absent, I’m still single, but I’m also happy!

  3. I think it would be a lot easier for someone who has their father around to find love just for the simple fact that their dad has taught them things about boys or just been a good role model in their life, therefor the girl won’t accept anything less than how their father is as a person to them or their mother/relatives or women in general. I think it just depends on the kind of person you are all together & how you deal with these kind of things, as everybody’s different.

  4. I totally agree I feel as of my father was in my life but what a distant cause him and my mother ain’t see eye to eye for to long but he mad sure we were tooken care of came too see him and much more and i feel like I pick them kind of relationships that i only like and love and man more of we can stand the distance that’s between us sounds crazy but real so I perfectly understand

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