WhatYouSayKay.Com Hits 10k!


Thank you everyone that has been supporting WhatYouSayKay.com! This blog website is run by one person; which is me Kay.  My first goal has been to reach 10K hits, by the end  of May 2016. As of today, the goal has been surpassed! WhatYouSayKay.com is approaching 11k hits in a short period of time ! The mission of WhatYouSayKay.com is to have a real outlook, positive approach, and bring everyone together regardless of  gender, culture, and background. This is a website where everyone can be their-selves. I’ve chosen to stay away from negative writing for the moment. I believe  positive is more fulfilling. My website it evolving, and I appreciate everyone involved in the growth. I love you all! Thank you so much! Don’t forget to sign up for email notifications. Tell a friend 🙂

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