5 Easy Ways To Make The Rest Of Your 2016 The Happiest Year You Ever Had!


2016 has been going fast! It may seem just like yesterday you were bringing in New Years. Remember New Year’s resolutions, hoorays, confetti, balloons, and countdowns? For some people, the New Year has brought nothing but stress, conflict, and mistakes that they wish never happen. For the rest, 2016 has been going good, or somewhere in between. No matter how your year is going right now it’s now over! There are still 8 months in this year left. 8 months! That means you can finish off 2016 the happiest you’ve never imagined! Here are 5 ways to make the rest of your 2016 the happiest year you ever had:

 Join a positive group/ organization

Joining a positive group will do tremendous wonders in your life. Rather if its church,  book club,  motorcycle club etc.. anything you can think of will probably be an enrichment for your soul. By joining a positive/ supportive group based on your interests, you are bound to find people that care about the positive things you do. Joining a positive group reinforces positivity in your life, that you might be missing out on; It will certainly lift your spirits. Joining a positive group/ organization will bring you more positivity and  happiness!

Walk more

Sometimes it can be hard to go to the gym and get that workout you crave. However, exercise relieves stress. Life is great with less stress! Walking is something no matter where you’re at, if your able you can do it! Walking a couple blocks in your neighborhood,  environment, parks, etc… can be positive for your body. Walking is great for your metabolism, and can give a positive boost to your mind and body!

Be thankful everyday

Being thankful for everyday can bring you more happiness that you ever know! Just waking up thanking the earth, God, or whoever/whatever you believe in that’s positive will make your life happier. Doing positive things for yourself, and appreciating people in your life can make you happy!

Give/ help others

Have you ever heard of the saying “It’s better to give than receive”? Well, really it is true! However, make sure you’re not taken for granted or being used. Giving and helping people in life will most likely make you happy. When you give and help others, your creating beautiful abundance in the world, wich is loving and giving that comes back to you!

Be yourself

Last but not least, most importantly be yourself and do what makes you happy!

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