When You Know He’s Not Good For You But He Makes You Feel Good What Should You Do?


Now days, an intimate relationship can come in many forms. Relationships can be undefined but not limited to: two people, people that connect at more on a spiritual and soul connecting level who are absent from sexual intimacy, someone one a person is talking to and catching emotions for, a fling, or casual dating etc… Every person has their own different view or mainstream view on what a relationship is. When someone that is in your life is good or bad for you in a relationship you’ll know; overtime signs will be there to reveal the person’s character. If you might feel bad more than you do happy in a relationship, you can cry over situations a lot, or wonder if something is real more than you should. It might be confusing right? However, the truth is some women know when a guy is not good for her;  somehow he still makes her feel good …

 When you know he’s not good for you but he makes you feel good what should you do?

Some relationships can really be bittersweet! Have you ever had or are you in a relation/situationship with a person who you know is not the best person for you? Maybe, it was your first mind, gut instinct, their actions, and inconsistencies that made you realize they were the wrong person. However, you might still feel they are the one for you. Why do some females always make up excuses for the ones they are with/want to be with? Most times, a persons intentions are obvious and clear. You might know deep inside this person is not good for you, but you think they make you feel good. Maybe, the person does make you feel good, smile, happy, outgoing, different, etc… However, still there’s a thought or feeling that something tells you the person is not good for you.

 The conclusion?

It can be hard in these type of situations. Your mind can tell you one thing, and your heart another. If a person makes you feel good and bad, maybe that person doesn’t need to be in your life. You worth being treated good 100% great all the time! Relationships aren’t perfect but any type of physical, verbal abuse, or any negative energy doesn’t need to take place all the time! It’s your ultimate decision to decide who will be in your life or not. However, just know you deserve to be treated like a queen and happy all the time!

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