5 Reasons African-American Females Should Pursue College Education!


A lot of girls and women think about attending college! Maybe you have wondered how higher education would be, questioned what attending college would be like , and maybe thought about the personal progress that you can benefit from attending school. Although everyone’s college journey is not the same, in most recent research and studies African-American women rank #1 for the most college educated group. Here are 5 reasons African-American females should pursue college education:

Education is important!

Some  times you will see and hear that  alot of people are successful without college education. Look at celebrity’s for example Oprah, Tyler Perry,  etc.…. and other multi-millionaires around the word that never went to college.  However, there is a fact that can’t be denied. Education is important, no matter what you’re going to do with or without it! You do not want to think what if you would have attended college what life would be like. Education is important no matter what ! If you haven’t attended a college or university before try it out and see what happens…


Going to college is great for flexibility! Most times when people graduate from college, they figure out later on in life they would to try something different. Options are limitless: attend to law school, nursing school, and/or switch fields, go back to get a second degree/ masters etc…. Even if you don’t obtain another degree or college education after the first time it’s still good to have  college education on your resume or in general. Having a college degree most likely lets you be flexible if you choose!

Higher positions in a company

For some company/ career fields your position in a company depends on what type of education you have.  It’s important to get your education and research any careers interest you have, to see if education influences how high you can obtain a position in your choice of field.

Just do it!

A degree, diploma, or certificate is a great thing to have from college! Even if you just decide to take some college courses to obtain more knowledge! Anything is great! Learning is power!

African- American females

It is important that every female and woman no matter what race, culture, background they identify with have equal opportunities to education. However, it is important for African- American females to know the importance of going to school to get an education. Although, African- American females are the top group when it comes to having college degrees; according to worldwide research African- American women still fall short when it comes to home ownership, savings, and income. Be the best you can be! Use all your resources and make sure whatever you do follow your goals and dreams no matter what! Get educated if you can!

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