Worth The Wait: 3 Date Ideas That Will Get You Closer To Him Without Sex!


Now days, it can be confusing when you hear the word DATE.  Actually, some girls and women will admit they haven’t been on a date! Sometimes you can start talking to a guy, and right before you know it you have gotten intimate and you’re in a relationship;  Without the whole dating phase starting and evolving! Waiting for sex will definite let you find out how a person can be. In addition, it will get a guy to respect you more for not having sex so fast! Next time, you want to take things on with a guy, get close to him without sex.  Here are 3 great date ideas that will get you closer to him without sex:

Walk around the lake

Walking around the lake is a great date to do! It’s absolutely free! You get exercise, along with getting to know someone! Walking and talking might put a smile on your face, lead you to knowing the person more, and steer you away from sex and closer into his mind!


Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India. Yoga has become very popular! Almost everyone had heard of yoga before, if not tried it.  Finding a yoga class and doing yoga with a guy isn’t boring or bad! Some first time yoga classes are free, or you can pay a drop in fee if you don’t have a membership.  Yoga will definite teach you that your guy is open minded to try new things, it will get both of your spirits connecting, and hopefully closer to your guy without sex!


Last but not least hiking! For people who like outdoors and being adventurous this one would be great for you! You and you’re a guy can pick a location to explore learn about, and walk and talk. For people, who haven’t tried hiking before ( hiking is described as, walking for a long distance, especially across country or in the woods).

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