Jumpstart Your Positive Morning: 5 Morning Self-talk Phrases You Should Say Everyday


What side of the bed do you wake up on in the morning? Is it the right side or the left side? Could you be a night owl and wake up at night? Whatever side of the bed you wake up on make sure your happy!  Whatever you do you can make every day a happy day by positive self-talk in the mornings! No, every person doesn’t have full control on the unexpected happenings in life that might make a person unhappy. However, you can control your happiness to the fullest! According to WebMD,  ( a medical team that works closely with a team of over 100 nationwide doctors and health experts) In the article, The Power Of Positive Talking  “…Much more happiness — 90% — has to do with your general outlook on life. You can learn a lot about your own worldview by paying attention to “self-talk” — the conversation you have in your head about yourself and the world around you. Even more important, changing how you talk to yourself can actually help shift your perspective, too…” Here are 5 mornings self-talk phrases you should say everyday:

“Today will be a great day!”

Wake up on the right side of the bed every morning (or night if your n night owl)! It’s so easy to wake up and automatically feel like it’s going to a normal, dull, bad, dull, or just average day. However, you can change that and make every day a great day! When you wake up to your morning routine, remind yourself that it will be a great day, and speak that your day will be great! You attract what your thinking and tell yourself. Say every morning, “Today will be a great day!”. Believing your day will be great is opening up many opportunities for it to be. You’re already sending out positive energy so in some way you will receive it back.

 “I love myself”

When is the last time you told yourself you loved yourself? Many people get caught up in loving others a lot they forgot to say “I love you” to themselves daily! It’s important to let yourself know that you love yourself. Sometimes life has the way where people can do so much for other people and neglect their selves. Even if that is not the case if you say I love myself every morning it will dill your day with more love!

“I can do anything I put my mind to”

Start every-morning saying you can do anything you put your mind to because you can! Saying to yourself you can do anything,  eventually aligns you with goals and dreams, that you have set or always wanted to accomplish!

“I’m Beautiful”

You look in the mirror everyday but do you tell yourself your beautiful every day? If you don’t start right away! Telling yourself your beautiful is a great self-talk morning phrase to repeat. The benefits of it should have you feeling beautiful everyday throughout the day and can increase your self-esteem!”

“I’m the best”

There’s nothing wrong with telling yourself you’re the best every morning. Doesn’t mean you think your better than any other person, or in competition. You’re just reminding yourself daily that you are the best person you can be! You are the best!

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