Zodiac & Heartbreak: Why You Will Get Hurt In 2017 Based On Your Zodiac Sign




Sheesh! Cancer why are you so sensitive? You are known to be the most sensitive zodiac of them all. Every little thing can make a Cancer cry, tick, and explode like a bomb! When dealing with someone, you like, and believe in a future with the person. Why do you love everyone cancer? Only Cancers will understand how they genuinely accept, and embrace people in their life (in a scary way a cancer can love you as soon as you have a conversation). However, a Cancer means no harm). Cancers can come off very clingy, especially to guys. Cancer you want love, and you want to be forever with one person. Your fantasy and daydreams of love, is good for your mind, but can be harsh on your heart; when people don’t meet your expectations. It doesn’t take much to love you cancer. You love the simple things, appreciate love, and give it back a hundred times more. The truth is that’s what’s wrong Cancer; that is why you will get your heart broken in 2017. Crazy isn’t it? You’ll think the world is supposed to be a loving place. Your right! But wrong! Bitter sweet?



You’re a strong soul Taurus! Most people around you value your genuine,  beautiful soul, and hard work ethic. You’re not known for being a cry baby when it comes to relationships (though sometimes you might get on the winey side, if something is not working out for the better). When you love, you love deep Taurus! Taurus maybe you love to fast, and/ or just don’t take time to realize what’s going on in front of your eyes.  A person you might not be compatible with, and have done you wrong in the past you tend to forgive them, and try to make it work. However, you know the obvious, but ignore it. When the obvious most times is the person doesn’t want to really be with you. Though your over generosity of support, finances, and anything else as an individual should be a great thing to people.  However, It’s not some of the people in your life. You possess everything that will make you very accessible to be USED in the wrong way Taurus. You’re intelligent. However, if you don’t open your eyes, you will get your heart broken in 2017. You will get your heart broken in 2017 for the lack of common sense when it comes to love, and not fully acknowledging how a person who wants you in their life should treat you.



Scorpio Oh Scorpio! You are a rare breed of a human. Your realness, private life, and secrets makes everyone wants to get close to you and know you more. Scorpio you miss out on a lot of good people that love you. Maybe they don’t fit to your standards, you don’t trust them, or they have done something to that you can NEVER FORGIVE AND FORGET. You really don’t judge Scorpio, but you are known to stand firm on your word and beliefs. Scorpio you do have days when you want what you want, and you won’t stop until you get it. Scorpio you have had a lot of people in your life that maybe wanted to be in yours forever, but maybe something they did or didn’t possess turned you away. Scorpio the reason your heart will break in 2017, is because your possessiveness will be for the one, that will take your sweet soul for advantage. You don’t let everyone get close to you, but the people you love and go deep for will deeply hurt you most of the times.




Libra you were made to soar! That is mostly what you do in your loved one and friends life. Libra you’re the person that everyone runs to for advice, and if they’re tumbling down people know they can count on you. You go above and beyond for people at different times, though sometimes people can mistake your tame and quietness for being nonchalant and not caring. You have a big heart, and don’t judge. However, your down fall is that you don’t quite often step out the box with love, and maybe you’re afraid of love. For you, this can be a contradiction.  Wrongful thinking, and irrational behavior (when necessary), will contribute to your own heart break in 2017.




Capricorn you’re a delicate flower, and the light that everyone needs in their life! You are a true friend, and you bring joy in anyone life that is around you. There’s really not a lot of bad things about you Capricorn.  Capricorn your sweet, but sometimes when you go off, you don’t stop! Capricorn sometimes you don’t want to understand someone else point of view is; along with being stubborn and very naïve. These characteristics will lead to you getting your heart broke 2017.




Aquarius your energy or conversation is what people in your life love about you. When your gone away from loved ones and/or lovers, they will always think about you and maybe not never want to let you go. If not all the time, you’re really enjoy the finer and materialistic things in life at some point. The problem with you Aquarius is that most times you can’t reveal your TRUE self to other people. Sometimes this may lead to you act like your another person, or you possess personality traits that really aren’t you when you are alone. This also makes you a target to become easily manipulated; if you fall into the hands of the wrong person, that might give you what you need but still mistreat you. Being a flash fool is how you will get your heartbroken in 2017 Aquarius. Aquarius, you try to protect yourself always.  Always remember to be yourself if you can, and don’t let anyone hold you back from that.


                                                           THE TRULY LOVER 

Virgo your fun, flirty, and down for the cause! You’re a great spirit to be around. Your lovable ways make it easy for people to befriend you, or fall in love with you. Those who can’t have you in an intimate way desire you for a long time, and people who do have you either enjoy your love and see or future with you. Sometimes people don’t know if you’re really into a relationship the way they would like for you to be. Sometimes you might try to play your feelings off. The reason you will get your heart broken in 2017, Is because you simply go above and beyond for a  person you TRULY love, and you might not get it in return when finally needed.


                     THE 2 FACED LOVER

Gemini everyone has stuff to say about you! Rather it’s good or bad, Gemini will always be one of the most talked about signs in zodiac.  Gemini is the zodiac that people try to figure out but really can’t. Most people known you from going from hot to cold. Gemini the reason you will get your heart broke in 2017 is sometimes is because you make up your mind to late! Most of the time you are the talk of the town, life of the party, and people can’t get enough of you! Which makes it easy for you to become confused or stray away from people who really love you. Too much going on! Make up your mind GEMINI!




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