3 Reasons Bernice Burgos Makes Females Want To Be In Their 30’s!



Bernice Burgos is known as entrepreneur, model, and past mega-bartender. Her sparkling personality, realness, and being a beautiful woman has made her  the center of attention in the celebrity world. Bernice has been see in hit videos such as DJ Khaled- Do You Mind, and people are starting to become more drawn into her by the day! Turning 30 and being in your 30’s for most women is known as a milestone, an age that most women do not want to approach. Bernice Burgos, doesn’t hide that she is in her 30’s. In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, she speaks fondly of being her 30’s, she embraces her mind, body, and soul to the fullest. Here are 3 reason Bernice Burgos makes you want to be in your 30’s:

                You can be in your 30’s and still look beautiful and young!

Bernice Burgos can make a young girl and woman want to want to turn 30! In Bernice’s interview with the Breakfast Club, she speaks fondly of being 30, and appreciating all her experiences in life. Some people are amazed when a woman reaches 30, and looks under age. According to some reports online, Bernice is (36). However, if that’s true or not, no matter what age you are,  you are still be beautiful and can feel and be as young as you want if you like!

               You can be popular in demand in your 30’s !

Who said being in your thirties will be boring? Bernice Burgos is in popular demand, and if you’re in your 30’s or turning 30 you can be to! Age is just a number. Whatever you do, enjoy it, and own it while you can! Beauty is undefined. As long as you have something to offer the world, people will see and eventually watch, if they don’t follow your lead!

Being in your 30’s will be great for you!
When you get in your 30’s, or if you are now it can be great for you! Set more goals, accomplish more things, and don’t let myths blind you about turning a certain age. Try to enjoy life and do everything that you thought about, and would love to do!

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