Easy Ways To Detox An Unhealthy Bestfriendship


Most of the time people have a best friend, or would like to have one. However, out of the blue sometimes best friendships can head for disaster! If you feel your best friendship is headed for the worst, or already is you can try to detox the friendship. Here are some easy ways to detox unhealthy best friendships:


It can be hard to stop answering your phone when your best friend calls. However, if you change your number for some days, weeks, or months, maybe you can get a peace of mind! Write down what you love about your best friend, and write down what you dislike. Take time to think about things you can talk over with your best friend, when the time comes to speak again. When you finally decide to call your best friend, make sure to talk about the things you wrote down. In addition, ask about things that you can work on for yourself.


Try to do more positive outing days with your best friend! Stay away from social-events,  and outing days, that can cause you or your best friend to drink/use controlled substances; which can cause bad emotions, feelings to be negative, and lead into the wrong direction. When you do these positive outing, days try to discover more information about your best friend. Grasp on to how your best friend makes you feel. If it’s a good feeling, put positive outing days in  your best friend routine!


You can surprise your best friend with a gift or mini shopping spree! Make him or her feel special about themselves. Afterwards prepare and talk about the toxic behavior, that you believe damaging your best friendship. Hopefully, the best friendship can to detox and bloom into a better bestfriendship!

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