Bestie Chronicles: Bestie Dates The New Way To Spend Time With Your Bestie!

bestie dats

Do you find yourself working a lot due to your career, school, or taking care of your children? Maybe your juggling all of those activities at once, and find it hard to make time for your close friends. A new way to spend time with your bestie, is scheduling bestie dates!  Just like how people go on dates in relationships, just put a bestie into it. Make your bestie date fun and  creative!

Bestie dates the new creative way to spend time with your bestie!

You can make bestie dates weekly, monthly, bi- monthly, or maybe once a year! However, you and your bestie schedule works. Maybe you’re a working professional, that finds it hard to create time with your best friend because of your schedule. You can plan for a trip once a year or do your bestie dates whenever you like!

Why should you do bestie dates?

You may think bestie dates sounds the same as asking your best friend to go out with you, or planning to do something with your best friend. However, bestie dates are more structured, exciting, and they make sure your working on spending time with your bestie!

What can you do for a bestie date?

You can do anything for a bestie date! Movies, biking, skating, bingo, beach days, painting, walking, lunch, dinner, breakfast! The importance of the bestie date is spending quality time with your bestie. In addition, letting your best friend know that they are important in your life. Vice Versa!



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