ZellSwag: The New Phenom Star Of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood!

zell swagg

Zell Swag is one of the newest cast members, and break out star of Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood. If you’re a viewer and/or fan of the show, then you are most likely familiar with Zell Swag. Here are some reasons why Zell Swag is the new phenom star of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood:

Zell Swag keeps it real all the time!

If you’ve been tuning in to Love & Hip Hop Hollywood this season, then you might know about all of the fun times, and the dilemmas that some of the cast members go through.  Being a stylist,  friends with Masika, and then friends with Masika’s enemy Alexis skyy, the new phenom star  Zell Swag has kept it real through it all!  In different arguments, Zell admits to being “ghetto” when called it, admits to sleeping on a couch in the past when Masika tried to shade him, and he stays true to himself and who he is! It doesn’t get no realer than that!

Zell Swag brings the unexpected inevery episode of Love & Hiphop Hollywood!

By default, Zell Swag presence on Love &  Hip Hop Hollywood is phenomenal! Rather you think its phoneme in a bad, or good way, its undeniable! Every episode Zell takes viewers by a surprise! Rather its Zell’s stylish trendsetting ways, hopping on the table at Masika’s event, twirling around in a chair chanting words, being the funniest wing man, or just expressing himself, it’s unexpected!  Zell Swag brings so much action to Love and Hip Hop Hollywood!

Zell Swag Fashion is out of this world!

Last but not least, Zell Swag style is on planet fly! The way that Zell Swag dresses, and his fashion is another level. Being a different breed in fashion is rare, and Zell has stamped his name all over that. Zell Swag is a superstar!

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