5 Ways To Make Meeting Up With A Guy Safe

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Make sure you meet him before dark

If your meeting a guy and it’s after dark, chances are there can be some moments that you can become vulnerable, and/ or feel weird and unsafe. If you meet at an appropriate time before dark and night, this can ensure that you still have some leverage of safeness.

Meet in a public place that has a lot of people and security cameras

If you’re meeting up with a guy that you don’t know or not sure about, yet you can meet in a public place, that has security cameras. If you’re not four sure what establishments have security cameras, you can call or go to the establishment by yourself first.

Don’t give your real address

You might think to yourself, “Why would I give a guy my real address?”

There are a lot of women/ girls that get pick up for dates and / or to meet a guy and give a guy their real address. If you give your guy an address that is a couple blocks down, or walk further from your house, that will be another level of protection for your safety.

          Give your friend or family member the license plate

If a guy is driving and you really have no idea of where you’re going, and you do no the destination give your friend or family member the license plate. This ensures if something does happen the licensed plate number can be turned into the right authorities and/ or police.

       Don’t be pressured to do anything

Last but not least, don’t feel pressured to do anything! Of course, people have moments when they are not acting in the norm of themselves, or not doing things they will normally do. However, it happens to the best of people, just stick to your normal self.


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