How Many Sex Partners Do You Regret? Who Is It?

sex partners


 How many sexual partners would you take back?

Be honest! How many sexual partners would you take back? Not take back- as you want- them back. However, take back as…

Erase. Delete. Wish it never happen.

None of them? All of them? Some? Just a few? Who?

Did you spend more time or less deciding if you were going to have sex with that partner or more? 

Now, that your thinking about it, do you ever find time to think about who you have had sexual relations with? In these thoughts, do you ever want to go back to these moments and erase them? How many sexual partners have you had? If you could take back having sex with  some partners who would it be?

Why does it matter?

It doesn’t matter! However now that the thought is in your mind, I have your attention! From this day forward, you have the ultimate power on who you release your body, mind, and spirit on to. Not contesting, that you haven’t in the past. If you don’t have anyone you regret having sex with, that is fine. However, just know that your body, and the person you are is one in a million! Did your past sex partners , and will the ones or in the future feel the same about you?

Remember that, before you have sex next time.

   You are one in a million!

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