Would Guys Stop Cheating If Females Left Out Their Life Permanently Every Time A Guy Cheated?

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You’ve heard it before. The question that most women ask or maybe think about. Why do guys cheat? Is there anything that will stop guys from cheating? Do all guys cheat? If you’re a firm believer of all men cheat, or attempt to cheat, why do you think that is so? If you don’t think that all men cheat, how would you know if some men do cheat? Is it not possible, that all men can cheat behind closed doors?

According to an article on Psychology Today on what stops people from cheating on their partners, “…Men and women, in prior work, have been seen as having markedly different attitudes about infidelity. Men are characteristically viewed as being more concerned about their partner’s physical transgressions, and women about their partner’s emotional faithfulness. According to evolutionary models, this is because men are wired to be more concerned with ensuring paternity, whereas women are more focused on long-term commitment, though these theories remain unproven. In terms of social norms, men are generally seen as engaging in sexual activity more to fulfill basic physical needs with less concern for emotional connection, and women are more focused on establishing a love relationship….”


What do you think would happen if we lived in a world, when every time a guy cheats the partner leaves them permanently?

No coming back. No return.  Done!

Would guys be more careful and protective, with their partners? Wouldn’t the time, emotions, and love from a man be more available and secure, if he knew that as soon as he cheated its over?

Do you think it would make a guy be more faithful? Or will the cheating still go in a cycle?


Would you leave a guy every time he cheated?

If with no doubt you knew, when you left him the cycle would be broken, no coming back, and no returning to you. Do you think it would make the world a better place? Since it is said, that most time men cheat, not thinking about long term, but what they are attracted to sexually at the moment or  long-term.

 Would do you think?


4 thoughts on “Would Guys Stop Cheating If Females Left Out Their Life Permanently Every Time A Guy Cheated?

  1. Killa you got a good point. Women should be more strict on what they allow on the behavior of us men. If all we given is forgiveness we wont learn nothing from our actions until held accountable.

  2. Great blog post….thank you for sharing.

    One of the biggest differences between males and females is that a male is capable of having thousands of babies. Granted, we live in 2017 and no guy is going impregnate 1,000 women. But the hard wiring in our brains doesn’t know it’s 2017. So, for males that are considered higher status, it’s natural for them to be with multiple women. I’m not saying it’s right, but I’m saying based off evolutionary psychology it’s natural for that to happen.

    In my opinion, if a woman wants a man who won’t cheat, there are plenty of men out there who would be thrilled to be faithful to them. However, those males aren’t the alpha males with the good genetics that women want.

    1. GREAT RESPONSE!!!! Thank you for following, I actually never thought of it like that. In you response, I would love to write an research article next week about are males that don’t cheat the one ones that females don’t wont ..slipped my mind thank you for following!

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