3 Things You Do When He Shows Signs Of Inconsistency When You First Start Talking


Females can start talking and getting to know a guy, and in the mist find out he is not consistent. In addition, maybe showing signs of not wanting commitment at all. You may try to convince yourself, that you don’t want commitment either. You might feel as if it’s too early, to want any type of inconsistency.  However, consistency is extremely important when your getting to know someone, and if you value yourself, you will value and appreciate consistency.

  • Stop answering your phone as soon as he texts and calls

Stop answering your phone as soon as he texts or calls. Give him time to wonder about you, what you are doing, and why you are not answering your phone. This action will make him call or text you more to try to figure out, if he wants to be consistent in your life.

  • Demand consistency

Let him know that you want him to be consistent in your life. Doesn’t mean that he has to be consistent to the extent of wanting to form a relationship. However, he can be consistent to text you a good morning text, ask how your day is going, or just take the time out to take make initial contact with you. Demand respect. That is the consistency any guy should, and can give you.

  • Re-evaluate the situation

Re-evaluate the situation!  Ask yourself do you really want to deal with someone, who is already not appreciating the essence and vibe of your personal ora. You can withdraw from the situation, and add more clear conscious to your life in an instant!

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