Bestie Chronicles: How To Be Your Besties Valentine For Valentine’s Day

besties shopping.jpg

Valentine’s day is just around the corner! If you always have a Valentine on Valentine’s day, then finding a valentine is probably no problem for you. However, if you have never had a valentine, the day can be a drag. Try something special for Valentine’s day! Be your bestie’s valentine, and create a memorable day with your bestie!

Dress up like twins or do a photo shoot for Valentine’s day

You’ll never forget the Valentine’s day, where you dressed up in cute outfits with your bestie to celebrate! Try something new! Do a Valentine’s day photo shoot with your bestie! Go out somewhere and take cute pictures. Get your spirit in the mood for Valentine’s day!

Give your bestie a Valentine’s day gift they will remember

Go out your way to give your bestie, a Valentines day gift they will remember! Maybe its  old pictures of you together in a frame, a diary- and pen- so your bestie can write down their thoughts, or some of their favorite items! A gift will surely make your bestie happy!

Take your bestie on a mini shopping spree!

Take your bestfriend on a mini shopping spree for Valentines day! If their favorite store is expensive, you can set a budget for your  mini shopping  spree! Remember, it’s the thought that counts. Your bestie will never forget, the Valentine’s day you made special!

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