Bestie Chronicles: Try Bestie Diary Exchange With Your Bestie

bestie diaryy.jpg

Do you think you know everything about your bestie? Is your best friend secretive? Or do you have your bestie all figured out? No matter what the answer is, there is still time to figure out more about your best friend! Try bestie diary exchange, to get to know more about your bestie. Bestie diary exchange, will allow you to discover your bestie’s secrets, emotions, and plans for a year.

Purchase a diary with or for your bestie:

Go to a store and purchase a cute diary with your best friend. You can go to a Target, Walmart, or any stores with diaries, notebooks, and journals . Don’t forget to purchase a pen or pencil!

Write in your diary

Write in your diary everything that you feel. Write your goals, dreams, aspirations, plans, etc… Make sure you empty your heart, and mind upon the pages of your diary. If you don’t like to share any information, step out of your comfort zone.

Do the bestie diary exchange

Meet up with your bestie, or mail your diary to your bestie. Try aiming for a six month or year basis diary exchange. However, if you want to you can try weekly, bi weekly, or monthly… Make sure you don’t judge you bestie, on what they write in their diary. Be sure your bestie diary exchange is creative.  Mostly everyone wants someone special to know their feelings about life, with no judging. Try bestie diary exchange in 2018!

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