What Would Happen If You Don’t Tell Your Friends About Your Relationship For A Year?

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What would happen if you don’t tell your friends about your relationship for a year?You’ve probably heard,  keeping your relationship private is the best way to go. However, have you actually tried it? Could you go a year without telling your friends and family about your relationship? What do you think the outcome would be?

Relationship will be based off your own decisions

If you keep your relationship to yourself for a year, your relationship will be based off your decisions. Meaning, you don’t let friends or family members influence your decisions when it comes to your partner, or the person you have relations with. This can be a little sketchy for you, if you find yourself in situations where you need advice. If you go a year without letting friends know your business, you can truly understand, you made the right decisions for you.

No one to blame

Taking a year off to  keep your relationship to yourself, there will be no person to blame for your actions. Unless you find yourself in a harmful situations: suicide, or physical/ verbal abuse ( contact someone immediately).  You can benefit from not telling friends about your relationship. Who to blame when everything is based of your actions?

Find an inner peace

You can find an inner peace, by taking a year off from telling friends and family about your relationship. Even if you found inner peace venting to family and friends about your relationship, you might stumble across a new peace of mind.

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