Bestie Chronicles: Should You Try Seasonal Besties?


Have you ever thought you needed to take a break from your besties? You might think besties are supposed to be in your life forever, no matter what the season is. However, you don’t have to be active on a daily, to be a bestie. You can create best friendships and memories with a seasonal bestie!

How can you benefit from seasonal besties?

You can plan certain trips, outings, and different type of things to do with your seasonal bestie! With seasonal besties you can take a break, and don’t have to worry about the talking to your bestie everyday. A seasonal bestie will make a best friendship refreshing and exciting!

What does a seasonal bestie do?

A seasonal bestie does everything that a regular bestie does. However, your seasonal bestie is  seasononal. If you find your peak season is summer, spring, winter, or fall and want to get out to do more that is when your seasonal bestie comes in!

Where do you find a seasonal bestie?

You can find a seasonal bestie anywhere! A seasonal bestie can be a regular friend you always talk to.  Seasonal besties are for your convenience. Rather you want to explore new friendships, try new things, or take a break from your regular besties. Try and find your seasonal bestie anywhere!

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