If You Were The Best For Him Why Did He Leave You?

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When is the last time your memory jogged back to memory lane? Do you remember when you loved a guy and he left you for someone else? Most likely, your friends told you that you were the best female he ever had, and one day he’ll come back to you. When these situations happen, sometimes you will witness, a guy is happier when he moves on. If you were the best for him why did he leave you?

You were not the best for him

Any person that leaves you, when you go above and beyond for them, you aren’t going to be the best for them. There is nothing that you can do, to be the best person for a guy like this! Of course, they will meet someone that makes them happy, that they do everything for and love. Life has it ways, to make relationships work that should be, and end the ones that shouldn’t.

You can’t be the best for someone who is never satisfied

Guys that you aren’t the best for will never be satisfied. It doesn’t matter how much you love them, how much you care for them, and are available for them. You won’t be the best for them! Eventually, the guy might fall in love with someone, and you’ll realize you did everything in your power to make them happy. However, it didn’t work.

 You are the best for yourself

Always respect, be honest, and be the best for yourself! When someone you love and care about leaves you, there will always be someone better for you, and there will always be something better for them. The people who are meant to be in your life will stay, and the ones who aren’t, you will never be the best for.


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