Would You Date A Guy With Alot Of Time And No Money?


Would you date a guy with a lot of  time, and no money? Some guys don’t have the total package: looks, finances, career, car, etc.. However, most likely they would have time, to provide you with the adequate attention/ love that you you yearn for! Have you been in certain situations and experiences, where a guy was financially unattractive? Would you date a guy with no money and alot of time?

If You Answered (Yes):

You are probably a person who favors genuine love. Maybe, you acquire different skills and financial qualifications, that you would like a guy to have. However, you are open- minded enough to make sacrifices, when it comes to new people and love. The positive thing about this will one day ( if not already), lead to everything you want and more! Don’t be line-ate about a guy’s finances, if it doesn’t help your well- being as a whole.

If You Answered (No):

You have your mind made up about the types of people that you want in your life. You probably have qualifying factors, and evaluate your relationships. That is great! Make sure you give guys a fair chance, when guys are financially unattractive in your life. However, only you can know and define, what the term fair will mean, when it comes to your finances.

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