2 Things You Do When He Doesn’t Want A Relationship But Claims You’re The Only One

canstockphoto12512758 (1)

Do you feel like you are or have been in a situation where you wanted to be with someone but they keep making excuses? The excuses can be not bringing up the relationship at all, ignoring requests to discuss the future, or someone saying that they do not want a title but claim you are the only person they love and/or talk to? Here are 3 things you do when he doesn’t want a relationship but claims you’re the only one:

Leave His Life
You should always get the position in life that you want when you feel it’s necessary. If your receiving more confusion out of him then you should leave. Yes, it can be hard to stop talking to someone that you deeply love or care for. However, if you are not receiving the recognition you deserve or the attention you crave, removing yourself from the person’s life is a great option! The perks of leaving his life is you will not be an option at all, or subject yourself to getting hurt.

Create Boundaries
Create boundaries when you are feeling stuck with no progress. You can create boundaries and limit contact with him: limiting text messages and calls, only write letters or emails, or any boundary setting that you can come with that maybe helpful for him not to have 100% access to you. Creating boundaries will be good for your mental health, and avoids him having access when he doesn’t want to commit.

Leaving his life and creating boundaries are good options for a person who does not want to commit to you. If you’re the only one what is the problem with the next step in life of taking it further and being committed?

Think about it…

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