Malaysia’s Celibacy In Basketball Wives LA This Season Is One Of The Best Things From The Show!






cel·i·ba·cy \ ˈse-lə-bə-sē \

Definition of celibacy

1 :the state of not being married

2 a :abstention from sexual intercourse

b :abstention by vow from marriage

This season on Basketball Wives television show Malaysia announced that she was practicing celibacy. One night, in California Malaysia and her best friend Brandi went out. After Brandi complemented Malaysia on looking vibrant, she asked Malaysia “You  getting some d**k?”.  Following that question, Malaysia discussed a little bit about her celibacy with her best friend Brandi.

“No, I want to but I’m keeping it…I’m dating. I’m just kinda like… playing the field right now.  But, I’m celibate because I feel like, you should be able to get along with a guy without sex. Sex always confuses, and it always makes my exes weird and crazy, and they always want to fight everybody.

“No more free give aways. I have grown and that’s the point. I don’t want to be a hoe.”

Malaysia’s celibacy was one of the most positive things that came out of basketball wives this season!

Malaysia’s celibacy was one of the most positive things that came out of basketball wives this season! Her celibacy teaches young girls, young women, and grown women that you can be beautiful, independent, and successful without having sex. In addition, you can take time and let someone get to know you more, grow with you, and do things for you without giving up your body so fast. Malaysia’s celibacy might have been overlooked or undermined on the show, or to some people. However, it is a highlight in many women’s life! Malaysia’s celibacy teaches young women/ women, to embrace their bodies, hearts, and souls. Last but not least, Malaysia’s celibacy is great and powerful for television viewers!


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