Would Marriage Before Children Make Relationships Better?


If you ask a mother right now, if they should have waited to have a child and/ or children some will admit yes! Depending on their financial, career, and/ or how they feel about life some mothers will say, they wish they would have waited later in life to have children. While others disagree, and believe they had children at the right time; some mothers believe if they would have waited later on in life until they were married for children life would be better. Ultimately, your life and decisions are up to YOU! Some women feel like they don’t want to get married, and some females dream of marriages at a young age. Just be cautious who you let in your life, and try your best to figure out their intentions. Two students from the prestigious Northwestern Illinois University answer the question: Would marriage before children make relationships better?


“Mmm… This is a trick question; a controversial issue. But yes! I think the entire family relationship would be better. Between the children and parents and the marriage be better. Because of the fact people who get married first intentions are to make it last. While people who are not married sometimes. Sometimes that is not their intentions sometimes children are a result to one night stands etc…, and result into people not loving each and this affects the children. If more people married relationship s would be better for children and the couple. You’re not just going to marry someone you have no intentions of hoping to have a long lasting loving relationship”- Candice Joseph, Mother, Northern Illinois University

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“Yes. The Kids will experience healthier relationships overall. If daddy respects mommy when they are older they will demand respect from men. Also some women aren’t anything they use their kids to try to keep the man around. Some kids are so young they don’t know what’s going on they think its daddy’s fault when it’s the moms fault.” Brittany Wheeler, Northern Illinois University


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